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Weekly Themes



WEEK 1: Native American and Nature Week

6/23 - 6/27

Thursday Late Night: 6/26


This week we had a visit from "Timothy's grandfather", who ended up being Father Time!  Father Time tricked us into signing the deed of the camp over to him!  However, during our Thursday night out Mother Nature used all of her powers (earth, wind, water, and fire) along with the help of the camp and Father Time was defeated.  The deed for the camp now lies back within the hands of the office.

During the Kids Night Out, campers got to sit in the audience of the show "Cook it or Lose It".  Special guests "Jacques Marchand" and "Pierre Frank Fortier" cooked a special Camp Stew which included a multitude of fun items, with the last special ingredient being Valentine's Day chocolates.  Camper's enjoyed being able to "ouuu", "ahhh", "bam", and "applaud" throughout the show!

WEEK 2: Sci-Fi Week

6/30 - 7/4

No Thursday Late Night


The Red Army attempted to invade camp this week using the Magic Maoui! We later found out that the Red Army was being controlled by the Supreme Being, who was yet again trying to take over the camp. The campers were able to defeat the Supreme Being and make her leave the camp grounds by singing our Camp Phoenix song....Great job campers!

We were also visited by a very special guest...Wonder Woman! After wishing us a happy Fourth of July, she promised to keep an eye on the camp and keep the campers safe. We hope she comes back to visit us again soon

WEEK 3: Carnival Week

7/7 - 7/11

Thursday Late Night: 7/10


This week campers had the opportunity to take part in the camp carnival! Many carnival activities were planned by the CITs and campers earned tickets for the prize table. Prizes included candy, camp water bottles, t-shirts signed by members of the staff and more! We also built a new archery board.

WEEK 4: Water Week

7/14 - 7/18

Thursday Late Night: 7/17


Water Week was a great success this year! We set a new record for number of campers on Bring a Buddy Day with 88 campers! The NS Fire Department visited on Bring a Buddy Day to add to the Water Carnival events. On Thursday, the yearly water battle took place during which the East battled the West. Thursday night campers got to have fun on the water slides at Breezy Acres! It was an action packed week!

WEEK 5: Olympic Week

7/21 - 7/25

Thursday Late Night: 7/24


This week campers were split into three competing countries: Switzerland, Greece, and Brazil. Good sportsmanship and the courage to try were promoted this week, as campers competed in a variety of different Olympic events. Some of these included the Manwich eating contest,  track and field, and swimming events. 

On this week's night out campers were able to participate in the Sillympics, watch another "episode" of "Cook It or Lose It," and witnessed the return of the League of Shadows!

WEEK 6: Jam Week

7/28 - 8/1

Thursday Late Night: 7/31


Week 6 was packed with a bunch of fun events! On Wednesday, Prof. T visited us with some of his animals, teaching the campers about why it's important to protect these creatures. Campers and counselors had a great time and we even got a chance to hold some of the animals! Thursday campers participated in a lip sync contest, which was won by the Apache tribe...Great job!


On the Thursday night out, we had hamburgers and Coca-Cola at our very own Arnold's Diner, after which the camp was treated to a concert by a very special band made up of alumni counselor Dan, his friend Dylan, Corey the counselor, Prof. T, and our friend Pat!

WEEK 7: Halloween Week

8/4 - 8/8

Thursday Late Night: 8/7


Halloween Week is one of the camp's favorite weeks!! It included tribe trick-or-treating, a costume contest, scary ghost stories, the haunted trail, and a search for Chloe! Our last Thursday Night Out was packed with fun events...We are looking forward to next year's first Thursday Night Out on Week 1! 


John's lost cat Chloe turned out to be a dog and during the haunted trail our guide took us on a journey to find a werewolf!

WEEK 8: BonanzaWeek

8/11 - 8/15

No Thursday Late Night


This was our final week at camp for Year 9! We all had a blast this year and we are looking forward to Year 10! This week campers and counselors enjoyed spending time together at a variety of events including the Bonanza Week carnival and the end-of-year dance party. We were excited to see our 3rd Year CITs and some of our Mohegans sign the legacy board and move up to their new roles in the camp. Brittany, our Office Director, also signed the legacy board, as this was her last year working with us! Although we are sad to see her go, we wish Brittany all the best in the future and look forward to when she visits next year. Thank you for all you have done for us the past seven years Brittany! 


Have a wonderful year everyone! See you next summer!!

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