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Weekly Themes



WEEK 1: Native American and Nature Week

6/24 - 6/26

Thursday Late Night: 6/25



This week at camp, our campers helped Red Feather keep the camp safe and peaceful from the evil False Truth, and Dark Cloud. With the support of the camp, Red Feather was able to get his daughter, Fair Rainbow back safe. Campers also enjoyed the Tribal Council, trading gifts to different tribes. 


False Truth

Red Feather

Campers of the Week:

Dylan and Natalie

WEEK 2: Jam Week

6/29 - 7/3

Thursday Late Night: 7/2



During Week 2 at Camp Phoenix campers were involved in a variety of musical events! They created instruments at arts and crafts, worked together to develop tribe sing-a-long songs, and they participated in a camp lip-sync.

Jam Master John returned to run the camp in style this week!

Arnold's Diner returned on the Thursday night out. We had hamburgers and fries and danced the night away during our very own camp dance party! The Camp Band also played, joined by some of our retired legendary staff members, including Dan and Nicole. It was a great week!



The Camp Band

Jam Master John

(Johh's talented twin brother)

WEEK 3: Olympic Week

7/6 - 7/10

Thursday Late Night: 7/9


So far this week, we have had our counselor skit, our classic Olympic Manwich Eating Contest, and the CIT's have greatly improved our Circle of Trust. 

The different Olympic games have been a huge success, with a lot of different types of activities that offer every camper an opportunity to succeed! 

This Late Night campers enjoyed fun relay races, Oreo Olympics, and an appearance from the camp Villains!






















WEEK 4: Water Week

7/13 - 7/17

Thursday Late Night: 7/16



This week so far has been a blast! We have had our Water Carvival on Wednesday which was also our "Bring a Buddy Day!" We hit a record number of campers and everyone enjoyed the different water activities to cool them down in this hot weather! 

WEEK 5: Carnival Week

7/20 - 7/24

Thursday Late Night: 7/23


Campers had a blast this week with all of the carnival events happening each day!

Some of the highlights of this week included our annual Camp Phoenix Carnival during which campers played a variety of carnival games created by the CITs and were able to earn tickets to redeem at the prize table.

On the Thursday night out campers participated in our very first Noodle Mania! Noodle maniacs from around the country gathered for this event, including the Hurricane and Hulk Hogan, just to name a few.



WEEK 6: Sci-fi Week

7/27 - 7/31

Thursday Late Night: 7/30



This week at camp we have had a lot of bizarre things happen! Camp seems to be under some sort of spell that they are trying to help Harry Potter solve! We have had some pretty cool, sci fi themed activities as well, such as archery targets being Dementors from Harry Potter (pictured below). All of the camp Villains keep appearing as well, in search of  "the essence" to help restore power. What a week full of mysteries and magic!

WEEK 7: Halloween Week

8/3 - 8/7

Thursday OVERNIGHT: 8/6


This week at camp, so many spooky things appeared! A lot of the villains of camp were around causing problems. We also had a mad scientist creating a (not so) friendly monster! But luckily the monster did finally turn nice! The haunted trail created by counselor Amanda, the CITs and our Mohegans was a huge success! All of the campers who stayed on the night out were perfectly spooked by it! Halloween week is one of our most popular weeks at camp, and we broke the record number of campers on a regular camp day, on Wednesday we had 85 campers!




WEEK 8: Decades Week

8/10 - 8/14

Thursday Late Night: 8/13


This week at camp we brought back the 50s, 70s, 80s, the 90s and 2000s!

We rocked out to music every day and danced our way through the decades.

Many characters visited us including Frankie Valli, Richard Simmons, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer.

Prof. T also brought his creatures this week...Thanks Prof. T!


We celebrated the 50s on Thursday Night with Arnold's Diner and a visit from the cast of Grease! 

Also on the night out, the villians were defeated by Mother Nature and the Camp Guardians, saving the camp from defeat!


WEEK 9: Mystery Week

8/17 - 8/21

Thursday Late Night: 8/20


We had an amazing summer in YEAR 10! Thank you to everyone that made it a great camp season! This last week at camp we solved the mystery of the lost microphone. The culprit??....Kortni! Although Kortni stole the microphone she kindly returned it after a long court case that proved her guilt. She explained that she only took it so that she could have a memory of Camp Phoenix! We forgive you Kortni... :)


The Camp Phoenix family wishes Kortni all the best as she finishes her last year of college and enters the real world!

We are sure she will come back to visit us. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this camp, Kortni!

It wouldn't have been the same without you! 

We hope Kortni enjoys all of her memories from camp and her gifts, especially Freddie the Fish!

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