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Korrie Laren

Camp Dean

Jo-Ann Fiano

Ast. Camp Dean



Camp Phoenix is built on the SSD Philosophy; Safety, Socialization, and Decision-making.  Our entire program is built on the foundation of those ideals.  Likewise, our discipline code is meant to reflect those values. 


We believe that every member of the Camp Phoenix community—campers, family, and staff—have the following rights:

  • To have an enjoyable summer experience

  • To be treated with dignity

  • To participate in a safe and respectful environment

  • To be free of harassment, bullying, or other abusive behaviors


Our discipline policy is one that employs a structured and systematic approach designed to support our campers, but also ensure that the goals of safety, socialization, and decision-making are upheld. 


The following behaviors are NOT ALLOWED at Camp Phoenix...

Bringing toys from outside camp

This includes games, playing/trading cards, action figures, Legos, etc.

Physical contact with other campers or staff

This includes minor physical contact, fighting, and other acts of physical aggression, as well as other forms of inappropriate touching

Disrespectful Behavior

This includes defiance, dishonesty, and name-calling

Inappropriate Language

This includes vulgarity and lewd language inappropriate for camp-age children

Bullying or Harassment

This includes physical, emotional, and verbal bullying

Note: while Camp Phoenix does not allow devices into camp, instances of cyberbullying outside of camp between campers are also prohibited

Use of Electronic Devices

This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartphones, video game systems, and ebook readers

Vandalism or destruction of camp property

This includes deliberately defacing camp equipment as well as harming the natural world around us in a destructive manner

Any actions that present harm to oneself, a fellow camper, or any other member of camp

This can include anything from bringing illegal substances to camp, to having a weapon, to attempting to run away

Three Strike System

Campers will adhere to a 3-strike system throughout the day

Upon the third violation of the rules of Camp, they will be directed to the Camp Dean

Some actions equal an immediate 3 strikes. 

They include:

  • Physical contact with other campers or staff

  • Bullying or Harassment

  • Any actions that present harm to oneself, a fellow camper, or any other member of camp

Depending upon the level of infraction and the findings of any of the Camp Dean’s investigation, the following responses will be considered: 

  • A behavioral intervention to re-teach appropriate behaviors

  • A phone call home

  • Removal from activities

  • Sending the camper home*

  • Suspension from camp*

  • Expulsion from camp*

*These options will only be considered if the camper’s behavior is detrimental to their own safety or the safety of others, or, in the case of a suspension from camp, as a final resort.

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