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At Camp Phoenix, we take pride in offering structured activity programs as opposed to free play. Programs are suited to the individual camper, allowing each camper to experience success or to simply try something new.

Programs follow the theme of the week when possible. 



 Parrots: Kindergarten

Roadrunners: 1st Grade

Seagulls: 2nd Grade

Peacocks: 3rd Grade

Pelicans: 4th Grade

Kookaburras: 5th Grade

Owls: 6th Grade

Ostriches: 7th Grade

Ravens: 8th Grade





** Campers are divided into flocks during all transition times, in order to maintain regular attendance counts and orderly transitions.**

** Campers will also be divided by flock for lunch and during special activities, as they will be working together with age-appropriate peers.**

** All campers participate in the same special activities.**




Camp Phoenix


Archery: Campers will take turns learning and perfecting their shooting skills. All campers begin at Instructional (10 ft.) followed by Beginner (15 ft.), Intermediate (30 ft.) and Expert (45 ft.). Campers must earn 20 points to move on to the next level.



Arts & Crafts: Campers will be able to make their own arts and craft to bring home or as a part of a special activity. Campers are encouraged to follow the weekly theme and main idea of the project. Campers are also encouraged to be creative.



Athletics: Campers participate in a number of action-packed activities through out the summer. Including the all time camp favorites: poison rope, dodge ball, finger sword challenge and snowball fight!!  



Performing Arts: Campers are welcome to bring their performance skills to the activities offered in this program. They include a weekly dance, skit, and song. Campers of all ages and skill levels work together to create performances related to the weekly themes.


Water Wars: Water Wars will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. These may include a variety of water events. Children should wear their bathing suits underneath their clothes on these days and bring a towel! (Campers who choose not to participate will be directed to activities at the next, such as arts and crafts.)

Engineering: Includes innovative, hands-on building activities and experimenting. Some of the fun activities have included: lego building, bottle rockets, egg parachutes, race cars, and lava lamps!





Programs are offered 2-5 times per week.  Campers choose between the programs being offered each activity period.  Campers should feel free to offer suggestions.  We will add programs according to safety, camper interest and total camp enrollment. 


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