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Weekly Themes



WEEK 1: Safari Week

6/21 - 6/24

Thursday Late Night: 6/23


This week campers were on the lookout for Tarzan and his wife, Jane. After Jane was kidnapped, Tarzan went on a mission to find her and was able to get her back! 

Campers also met a few new people this week, including Zeus, Pandora, and they even heard from Hades. Find out what happens as the camp titans begin to battle in the coming weeks!

WEEK 2: Where in the World?

6/27- 7/1

Thursday Late Night: 6/30

This week we were on the search for Carmen Sandiago who stole our Circle of Trust! Even with distrations from imposters, the campers were able to help us find the real Carmen Sandiago and put the Circle of Trust back together. We had a blast at the night out and met more new characters in the Clash of the Titans saga. 



WEEK 3: Fantasy Week

7/5- 7/8

Thursday Late Night: 7/7

We took a trip down the rabitt hole this week and met some amazing characters! Our world and the world of Wonderland merged and it was Alice's job to put evereything back to normal. After our Thursday Night Out unbirthday party, the riddle was solved and the worlds were separated!

Campers had a great time hanging out with some of our favorite Wonderland friends and

dressing up for the tea party.






















WEEK 4: Water Week

7/11 - 7/15

Thursday Late Night: 7/14

This week we were joined by the North Smithfield Fire Department who came by to help the kids get a little extra wet during the water carnival. After our Thursday night out to Breezey Acres, the Water Games began, where we were visted by President Coin and Effy. During the Water Games four districts competed to keep their tribute dry.






































































WEEK 5: Olympic Week


Thursday Late Night: 7/21

This week was action packed with numerous Olympic events that challenged campers to use their skills and compete for their country! Campers participated in events such as Olympic ring making, track and field events, freeze dance-off, and the Manwich eating contest. Which country came out on top?? GERMANY!

Sillympics on the Thursday night out engaged the camp in many fun and entertaining activities to help them earn points and campers were then entertained by the competitors in Noodle Mania 2!!! The winner....Sam-I-Am!


WEEK 6: Jam Week

7/25 - 7/29

Thursday Late Night: 7/8

Campers rocked out all week to a variety of songs!

They participated in a lip sync contest, battling their fellow tribes to win this year's prize. The winners were the Mohegans!

The camp band returned for the Thursday late night and campers danced the night away to classics as well as modern hits and also ate at the camp's very own Arnold's Diner.

Friday, the staff all participated in their own lip sync contest, which campers got to watch.

















WEEK 7: Carnival Week

8/1 - 8/5

Thursday Night Out: 8/4


Carnival Week was a blast!

Campers had so much fun at this year's carnival, playing games and winning prizes.

The CITs did a great job planning both the day and night carnivals...Thanks CITs!

Also, a big shout out to Ms. Norton for all of the wonderful pictures she took for us this week. Keep an eye out for them on our website and the Camp Phoenix Facebook page. 



WEEK 8: Halloween Week

8/8 - 8/12

Thursday Late Night: 8/11


What an awesome week it was!!

There were Halloween themed activities all week and some extra special events on Thursday, including the costume contest, trick-or-treating, and the Haunted Trail on the Thursday Night Out!

This week we hit a new record on the night out with 81 campers, all of whom helped the "Busters" catch the ghosts that were lurking through the haunted trail. 

The titans also made an appearance this week, ending with Pandora and the other heroes saving Zeus from the underworld!

**Thanks again to Aleksandra Norton for the awesome pictures.**



































A special thank you to our long time friend and camp counselor Zoe, whose last day at Camp Phoenix was Friday. She has been an amazing member of our staff and we will miss her.

Wishing you all the best in the future Zoe!


WEEK 9: Mystery Week

8/15- 8/19

Thursday Late Night: 8/18

It wasn't a mystery for long! This week was Disney Week!!

Campers had fun all week working on Disney themed crafts, skits, athletics, etc. 

The Disney princesses were looking for their happily ever after but were tricked by the genie. In the end the princesses saved the day and defeated him and saved the princes.

This Thursday night out we were introduced to the witches of  Salem who said that they would be back next year to complete the Grand Rite. Come back next year to see what happens!

Thanks for an awesome year everyone! See you next summer.


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