CIT Program

Now a 2 Year Program!

The Counselor in Training (CIT) Program is a program designed to transition campers into a leadership role in the Camp Phoenix community. CITs earn volunteer hours as they gain valuable work skills while assisting counselors in daily programs, planning special events, and preparing for camp activities. Under the supervision of the CIT manager, CITs will learn Camp Phoenix programs and protocols, preparing them for the work force and the potential to become future counselors. 


To be part of the CIT program, applicants must be entering 9th grade

CITs must also go through each year's role (Hawks and Eagles) in consecutive order to be considered a graduate of the program.


Yearly Roles / Status:

HAWKS2nd Year

Hawks (1st year):  As first year CITs, the Hawks will work closely with the CIT director and trainers to learn the expectations and protocols of the CIT program.  They will explore all activity options and participate in skits and transition games as they become immersed in the culture of camp as a whole.


(*In order to move up to the status of an Aztec, 1st year CITs must complete at least five weeks at camp, including at least 5 Thursday late nights of each of those weeks.) 


2nd Year

Eagles (2nd year):  Second year CITs will be given greater responsibility and will be asked to choose a specific “pathway” program that they will be working directly in throughout the summer.  The three pathways that CITs will choose from are the Counselor Pathway, Special Events/Creative Pathway, and the Maintenance Pathway.


(*In order to move up to complete the CIT program and final year as an Eagle, 2nd year CITs must complete at least six weeks at camp, including at least 6 Thursday late nights of each of those weeks. This will assure that CITs are trained properly for future opportunities at Camp Phoenix.)

**UPDATED** Program Fees


Registration Fee- $50 (includes 5 CIT shirts)


Weekly Rate: $80 (1st year)

                          $50 (2nd year)