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Registration is now closed!

Please see the information below if you are attending the May 22nd payment date. 


Payment Dates/Info:

Payment for Out of Town/New Campers

Date: Sunday, May 22nd

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm

(Although you can arrive early to wait in line, gates will not open until 1pm for payment.) 



We have a maximum capacity of 250 campers per week, so the first 250 campers to make payment will be able to attend for the week(s) paid. 


Some important notes for payment:

  • Payment can only be made on the camp site, behind the North Smithfield Elementary School on indicated payment dates or during the camp season. (2214 Providence Pike, North Smithfield, RI 02896) 

  • We accept cash or check only. 

  • We ask that you include the camper's name and what payment is for on the check or on a note with the payment to help us track who has paid.

  • If you cannot attend one of the payment dates/times, you can certainly send a representative to make payment for you.

  • We cannot give refunds after payment is made. 

Camp Tour Date/Info:

Date: Sunday, June 12th

Times: 1:30 and 2:00

(Tours will begin at the designated times above.)


Any inquiries should be sent to at this point as our phone will be disconnected for the winter.

2022 Fees

$30 Registration Fee


  • $170 per week

  • $110 per week for second child


  • $70 per day

  • $50 per day for second child

NIGHT OUT (Thursday's 5:30-9:30pm):

  • $20 per night out

  • $15 per night out for second child

In order to simplify our records, we ask that all registration payments (registration, weekly fees, and night out money) and lunch payments be made separately. At this point, we must keep the lunch programs separate from our weekly fees for tracking purposes. All checks can still be made out to Camp Phoenix. We appreciate your understanding!

We also ask that registration payments be made by Monday of the week in attendance. This is necessary to secure your child's spot at camp for that week!

Lunch must be paid for by the morning of the date in which it is requested, otherwise, the order will be canceled for the day.

**After payment is made, we cannot give refunds or credits for future weeks because we base our staffing on registration and confirmed payments. Please keep this in mind going forward. Thank you!**










Year 17 Weekly Themes


Week 1: Science Fiction Week (June 20th-June 24th)

Week 2: Disney Week (June 27th-July 1st)

Week 3: Farm Week (July 5th-July 8th)

*No camp Mon 7/4*

Week 4: Water Week (July 11th-July 15th)

Week 5: Carnival Week (July 18th-July 22nd)

Week 6: Decades Week (July 25th-July 29th)

Week 7: Halloween Week (August 1st - August 5th)

Week 8: Mystery Week (August 8th-August 12th)


Subway Program

Will return summer of 2022

Flocks (2022)

Campers will be going into the following grades:

Parrots: Kindergarten

Roadrunners: 1st Grade

Seagulls: 2nd Grade

Peacocks: 3rd Grade

Pelicans: 4th Grade

Kookaburras: 5th Grade

Owls: 6th Grade

Ravens: 7th-8th Grade

Feather 5
Feather 1


To reach us during the off-season, email us at


Visit us on Facebook at Camp Phoenix Campers